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Our company derives its name from the Blackwood Convention.  This convention is a strategic communication method used between partners in the game of Bridge.  This method allows partners to communicate about the cards they have as a team and determine a strategy for winning the game.
Similarly, the financial professionals of BlackWood partner with our clients to operate under three core values: communication, strategy, and execution.   The BlackWood approach emphasizes communication across the entire client company, the development of financial strategies that are consistent with company goals, and the execution of a well-defined plan to reach those goals.

Every BlackWood system and process is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and to deliver timely, reliable and meaningful financial information. This information is used to build financial models and to create presentations to the company’s board, investors, and bankers.  It is used to perform financial analysis and ultimately help guide the company’s strategic direction. This is the crux of the BlackWood model for success.