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Access to the vast experience of seasoned professionals and their network of contacts with other professionals and business experts
The professionals of BlackWood collectively have experience that runs the entire spectrum of accounting and finance from making presentations for institutional investors and boards of directors to entering employee expense statements into the accounting system. Furthermore, our group holds MBAs, CPAs, Bachelors degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics and Management. In addition, our group has experience in a Venture Capital firm, the Big 5 Accounting firms and a shared services facility. The backgrounds of BlackWood professionals and their exposure to investors, bankers, attorneys, and accountants virtually guarantee a significant network of contacts with other professionals and business experts.
Other Benefits: (click to select)
Maintain focus on the company's primary business objectives and activities Scalability: Flexibility to build finance and accounting functions as growth dictates               
Reduction of overhead costs Avoid the disruption of employee turnover in the finance and accounting department
Coverage of the full spectrum of finance and accounting functions Access to a vastly higher level of service

Increased credibility with investors and lenders and potential for improved valuation of your company