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Coverage of the full spectrum of finance and accounting functions
By dividing up the finance and accounting function into its natural specialties, and by then assigning the work to the appropriate specialists, companies are able to benefit from a group whose experience is wide and deep. Each individual in the group works on a slice of the function for which they are specifically trained and in which they have a great deal of experience. By acquiring a far greater breath and depth of experience, companies can count on everything getting done and getting done well.
Other Benefits: (click to select)
Maintain focus on the company's primary business objectives and activities Access to the vast experience of seasoned professionals and their network of contacts
Reduction of overhead costs Avoid the disruption of employee turnover in the finance and accounting department
Scalability: Flexibility to build finance and accounting functions as growth dictates                Access to a vastly higher level of service

Increased credibility with investors and lenders and potential for improved valuation of your company