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Why Outsource Your Accounting and Finance Functions?

Most businesses know that in order to give their company the highest chance for success, their company needs experienced financial management, quality financial reporting, insightful financial analysis, informed tax planning, and efficient transaction processing.  Companies need these things because they are what give them control of their business.

The finance and accounting function is made up of a wide spectrum of specialties.  It is extremely unlikely that any one person, whether it is a bookkeeper, controller or CFO, can possess all the skills and experience necessary to perform all of these functions at a high level.  And if they did, this person would most likely require a salary level that would not be a cost effective solution for a small company.   However, traditionally this is what most small businesses have done - hired one person to cover this spectrum.  Why?  Because up until now, most small to mid-sized businesses have not had a viable alternative.

The BlackWood outsourced approach is that viable alternative and when compared to the traditional options, it has greater benefits, it provides more value, and it is more economically feasible for small to mid-sized companies.


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