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BlackWood offers an alternative to staffing and managing an in-house finance and accounting department by giving companies the opportunity to outsource these functions entirely.  BlackWood services involve the ongoing engineering, operation, administration, and management of finance and accounting “back office” processes.  BlackWood assumes responsibility for the continuous performance of all finance and accounting processes.

We offer the full spectrum of services from transaction processing to financial management and strategic planning.  This spectrum exists in every company whether it has one million dollars in revenue or five hundred million.  The BlackWood solution offers an economical and efficient approach to small and mid-sized companies for the performance of all services in the spectrum.

Mouse over each process area listed above for details of service components provided to BlackWood clients.

Our Cost
The cost of BlackWood services depends on the unique character and volume of your company’s finance and accounting requirements.  Typically, it would be similar to the cost to employ a mid-range controller, and far below the cost of a team of seasoned professionals.  The economies of scale as well as economies of skill of the BlackWood approach, i.e. our ability to match experience level to the job function, allow us to offer you lower costs and higher value.