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BlackWood Finance and Accounting


BlackWood provides the professional team and service of a large company accounting department but at a small company price.   By outsourcing your finance and accounting functions to us, you gain access to a level of financial management that, before now, was only affordable within large companies.

Given that finance and accounting is BlackWood's core competency, we are able to realize, and pass on to our clients, economies of scale, and economies of skill in a wide range of functions.  Furthermore, because BlackWood is a comprehensive, multi-process outsourcing provider that can match the complexity of client work to the appropriate skill set, and likewise match the pay accordingly, we are able to realize more efficient process integration and can pass this benefit on to our clients.

BlackWood Gives You:

Increased bottom line performance by allowing you to focus on your core business activity

Instant finance and accounting infrastructure that requires no initial capital investment, no upgrades, and minimized future investment in systems or software

A vastly higher level of service than you can achieve by trying to build this functionality in house, at a much better price